Defending Civilization

Mission Statement Defending Civilization

Mission Statement
A world with no room for the Gordons is a world that will return to the sands.
 --Closing line to the movie Khartoum and a fitting epitaph for General Charles Gordon, "Khartoum Pasha," who died holding the line between Civilization and Chaos.

Charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman

The Battle of Omdurman (2 September 1898) marked the defeat of the followers of the slave trader Mohammed Ahmed (1843-1885), also known as the Mahdi ("Expected One"). "Born in Dongola province, he was for a time in the Egyptian civil service, then a slave-trader, finally an inspired religious revivalist and successful rebel"  (John Keegan and Andrew Wheatcroft, Who's Who in Military History).'s mission to preventing Civilization from returning to the sands under the onslaught of Islamic supremacy, which is to Islam what white supremacy is to Caucasian skin color (or what the Westboro Baptist Church is to Christianity, minus the violence). Islamic supremacists seek to place countries like the United States and Israel on the same moral level as so-called societies that stone women to death for "adultery" (which can include being raped), hang scholars for "blasphemy," threaten to hang Christian missionaries, practice slavery, lynch dissidents, and endorse terroristic violence. It is to be noted specifically that Islamic supremacists or Islamists persecute, oppress, and even kill not only Jews, Christians, Hindus, LGBT people, but also genuine Muslims whom they deem to be the wrong kinds of Muslims.

ISIS is forcing Iraqi Christians to write this symbol (nun, for Nisrani or Christian) on their homes the way Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow Stars of David. We are displaying it here in support of the Iraqi Christians over the Dark Age barbarians who are also menaces to peaceful Muslims. The world, including the United Nations, needs to ask whether Never Again means Never Again, or a meaningless slogan.

Nun (Nazerine, Christian)

  • Rachel Corrie Fact Sheet. Includes objective evidence that the International Solidarity Movement was willfully indifferent (at best) to Rachel Corrie's safety, and said openly that she was worth more to its cause dead than alive.

Freedom House's Map of Freedom: The U.S., Israel, and India versus militant "Islamic" nations
Link to Freedom House here. Ratings are from 2008 unless otherwise noted.
RATING GUIDE: [A,B] A = political freedom rating, B = civil rights rating. 1 is the best possible, and 7 is the worst possible.
Western Civilization
Mufsidoon (evildoers)
Mufsidoon (evildoers)
United States [1,1] Free Afghanistan (Taliban-era) [7,7] Not free Saudi Arabia [7,6] Not free
Israel [1,2] Free Egypt [6,5] Not free Sudan [7,7] Not free
India [2,3] Free Iran [6,6] Not free Libya [7,7] Not free

Pre-2003 Iraq [7,7] Not free  ["Axis of Evil" member] Syria [7,6] Not free

Lebanon (Hezbollah-infested) [5,4] Partly free
Pakistan [6,5] Not free
Taiwan [2,1] Free (not allowed in UN) China [7,6] Not free  (Respected UN member) North Korea [7,7] Not free ["Axis of Evil"]
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