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I Ain't Singing Kumbaya Any More Defending Civilization

Mission Statement
A world with no room for the Gordons is a world that will return to the sands.
 --Closing line to the movie Khartoum and a fitting epitaph for General Charles Gordon, "Khartoum Pasha," who died holding the line between Civilization and Chaos.

Charge of the 21st Lancers at Omdurman

The Battle of Omdurman (2 September 1898) marked the defeat of the followers of the slave trader Mohammed Ahmed (1843-1885), also known as the Mahdi ("Expected One"). "Born in Dongola province, he was for a time in the Egyptian civil service, then a slave-trader, finally an inspired religious revivalist and successful rebel"  (John Keegan and Andrew Wheatcroft, Who's Who in Military History).'s mission to preventing Civilization from returning to the sands under the onslaught of Islamic supremacy, which is to Islam what white supremacy is to Caucasian skin color. Islamic supremacists seek to place countries like the United States and Israel on the same moral level as so-called societies that stone women to death for "adultery" (which can include being raped), hang scholars for "blasphemy," threaten to hang Christian missionaries, practice slavery, lynch dissidents, and endorse terroristic violence. embraces an offensive (aggressive and proactive) public relations doctrine that seeks to destroy the enemy's politcal credibility by exposing him for what he really is. takes the unapologetic stance that Western (Euro-American) culture is far superior to the cultures of Islamic supremacist and other Third World nations. Euro-American culture upholds the natural human rights of all citizens regardless of race, sex, religion, and ethnicity. Life in Islamic supremacist cultures is, to quote Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan, "nasty, brutish, and short." However, a country need not be in Europe or North America to be Euro-American. Japan is an Asian nation that adopted Euro-American values with respect to individual rights while it retained its own proud cultural heritage. India, the world's largest democracy, is yet another example.

UPDATE: ISIS Selfie with Woman's Severed Head

Please take this image viral. This kind of picture is more effective than all the hate propaganda issued in both World Wars, by both sides put together, in evoking hatred of the enemy.

The background to this is ISIS's claim to have captured and executed a brave Kurdish fighter named Rehana. Her friends say she is still alive, but this is not the point. The point is that ISIS was sufficiently STUPID as to post a picture of a man holding a woman's severed head (or even a photomanipulation of such) when atrocities against women are the best way of whipping up visceral hatred of the enemy in Euro-American societies. Even the War Department's nasty cartoons of "Japs" during the Second World War did not actually show Japanese torturing or killing women, although one did depict physical abuse of male prisoners during the Bataan Death March. The caption to that one was "Stay on the job until every murdering Jap is wiped out."

ISIS is forcing Iraqi Christians to write this symbol (nun, for Nisrani or Christian) on their homes the way Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow Stars of David. We are displaying it here in support of the Iraqi Christians over the Dark Age barbarians. The world, including the United Nations, needs to ask whether Never Again means Never Again, or a meaningless slogan.

Nun (Nazerine, Christian)

Freedom House's Map of Freedom: The U.S., Israel, and India versus militant "Islamic" nations
Link to Freedom House here. Ratings are from 2008 unless otherwise noted.
RATING GUIDE: [A,B] A = political freedom rating, B = civil rights rating. 1 is the best possible, and 7 is the worst possible.
Western Civilization
Mufsidoon (evildoers) or nithings
Mufsidoon (evildoers) or nithings
United States [1,1] Free Afghanistan (Taliban-era) [7,7] Not free Saudi Arabia [7,6] Not free
Israel [1,2] Free Egypt [6,5] Not free Sudan [7,7] Not free
India [2,3] Free Iran [6,6] Not free Libya [7,7] Not free

Pre-2003 Iraq [7,7] Not free  ["Axis of Evil" member] Syria [7,6] Not free

Lebanon (Hezbollah-infested) [5,4] Partly free
Pakistan [6,5] Not free
Taiwan [2,1] Free (not allowed in UN) China [7,6] Not free  (Respected UN member) North Korea [7,7] Not free ["Axis of Evil"]
Any questions?

I Ain't Kumbaying Any More
(With due credit to Phil Ochs for the original). A Kumbaya-singer is a head-in-the-clouds pacifist who thinks that all people are really good inside and they won't cut our throats if only we would sit down and sing "Kumbaya" with them.

Oh I marched to the protest of the Iraq war
With Cindy Sheehan and fat pig Michael Moore
The insurgents kept on growing
And our soldiers' blood started flowing
So I ain't Kumbaying anymore

For I've borne my share of peace signs
At a thousand different sites
I protested the Viet Nam War
I heard John Kerry lying
While his fellow vets were dying
But I ain't Kumbaying anymore

It's always the Left that opposes the war
And then even more young men fall
To turn our backs and run when we drop the sabre and the gun
Is to risk losing one and all

For I called our men baby killers when they came home
from the bloody Viet Nam War
That's how I knifed my brother
And so many others
So I ain't Kumbaying anymore

For I marched against the battles of the Iraqi trench
In a war that should have ended all wars
Saddam must have killed a million men
And I didn't give a damn back then
But I ain't Kumbaying anymore

It's always the Left that opposes the war
And then even more young men fall
To turn our backs and run when we drop the saber and the gun
Is to risk losing one and all

Now North Korea and Iran are putting missiles in the sky
To bring the atomic flash and roar
I saw the Twin Towers burning
So I am finally learning
Not to sing "Kumbaya" any more

Now the radical Left is screaming to impeach the President,
While terrorists are invading our own shores,
I called it "hate" and "militarism"
But now I call it "Reason"
And I ain't Kumbaying any more.
A Song for the 21st Century, By Jingo
(With due credit to G. H. Macdermott for the original)

The dogs of war are loose and the savage Jihadist brute
All bent on blood and robbery is out to kill and loot.
It seems a thrashing now and then will never help to tame
That thug, and so he's out upon the same old game.
The Eagle did his best to find him some excuse
To crawl back to his hole again. All efforts were no use.
He hungers for his victim, he's pleased when blood is shed
But let us hope his crimes may all recoil on his own head.

We don't want to fight but by Jingo if we do,
We've got the guns, we've got the men, and got the money too!
We've fought the Jihadi before and while we're Yankees true,
We'll beat the "Muslim" militants bloody, black and blue.

The misdeeds of the Jihadists are known throughout all lands,
A thousand years of slaughter with blood upon their hands.
They butchered at Khartoum, left Gordon dead and cold.
How many subjects done to death we'll ne'er perhaps be told.
They butchered the unbelievers, man, woman yes and child.
With cruelties their Caliphs their murderous hours beguiled,
And poor unhappy Christians their cruel yoke must bear,
While prayers for "Freedom and Revenge" go up into the air.


He who began the quarrel will soon have to bite the dust.
The Kafir is thrice armed for he hath his quarrel just.
The Left protests the misery that always comes from war
But appeasement of aggressors kills many, many more.
Let them be warned: the Eagle's talons are sharp and deadly still.
We've proved our might, we've claimed our right, and ever, ever will.
Should we have to draw the sword our way to victory we'll fight,
With the Battle cry of Americans: "Freedom, God, and Right!"


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